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Ulverstone Eco Green

Ulverstone, located in the north-west region of Tasmania, is home to various businesses that contribute to eco-green. These businesses are committed to promoting environmental sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day operations. Here are some of the businesses that contribute positively to the environment in Ulverstone.

1. Peters Ice Cream

Peters Ice Cream has been operating in Australia since 1907 and is committed to producing eco-friendly ice creams. Peter’s has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s most environmentally responsible ice cream manufacturer. The company has started using biodegradable packaging materials that are made from plant-based materials. The materials used in the production of these packages will break down over time and will leave little to no environmental impact.

2. The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop is a discount store that offers a wide range of eco-friendly products. These products include re-usable shopping bags, bamboo cutlery, and stainless steel straws. Additionally, the Reject Shop encourages customers to recycle their plastic bags by providing a collection point for used bags. The collected bags are then reused in a variety of ways, such as making plastic park benches.

3. Tasmanian Alkaloids

Tasmanian Alkaloids is a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals that uses natural products for their production. The company has implemented practices that reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. Tasmanian Alkaloids manufactures medicine using only natural products in a closed environment, eliminating the risk of pollutants in the environment. The company’s commitment to the environment has been recognised with a Forest Stewardship Certification.

4. Simplot Australia

Simplot Australia is a major manufacturer of frozen foods in Australia. The company has committed to being eco-friendly by utilising renewable energy in its operations. The company has installed solar panels to power its facilities, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, Simplot Australia has introduced water-efficient showerheads and taps in its manufacturing facilities. This move has reduced the company’s water consumption and will have a positive impact on the environment.

5. Walch Optometry

Walch Optometry is a family-owned business that sells eco-friendly eyewear. Their products are made from materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They offer a range of options for those seeking eco-friendly eyewear, such as frames made from recycled plastics, sustainably sourced wood, and biodegradable materials.

these are just a few of the businesses that contribute to eco-green in the region of Ulverstone in Tasmania, Australia. These businesses help the environment and promote sustainability by carefully considering their impact on the environment and taking proactive steps to reduce it. If you would like to learn more about these businesses or to get in touch with them, please visit their respective websites or contact them directly.

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